You Never Know When You Are Going to Be “Hit”

The side of the abomination known as “transgender” that the libtards, and transtards themselves don’t want you to see.

My Thoughts - for me and you

As the Mama of a transgender person, I am discovering that you can never be sure where things might be said that will absolutely tear your heart out.  Let’s face it, in today’s society the transgender movement and acceptance of their choices, are so commonplace that it no longer matters when you are not able to make a change in how you refer to someone.  This is especially true if the transgender person is your child.

I went through an experience just the other day that I honestly thought I was gonna have a breakdown over.  It was evident that the person who drove me to that point, didn’t care at all about how they made me feel.  And the person didn’t even bother to apologize to me!! All I did was call the DA’s office to inquire about how a case was proceeding – that case involves our family…

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The Truth

Little Rock State House 1863-1864

​The truth is it was not war. It was hell unleashed on Southern civilians, non combatants. Citizens who were defenseless women, innocent children and unarmed old men. This is pitiful and sickening in the extreme and it needs to be told. Not as the story of supposed noble Yankee soldiers, but the terror they were in the land of Dixie.

“It is with the greatest reluctance that I write this sketch of my mother’s experience… If those who have urged me so much and so often to write, knew what I have suffered in putting those sad particulars on paper, they would have said, “let them alone.” Those who have undertaken to gather reminiscences of this kind have a hard task on their hands as one thousandth part of what the women of the South suffered during the war can never be told. It is a duty, however, that the authors of these reminiscences should be aided in every possible way, so that valuable materials of history may not be lost. This is why I send my crude statements, though it is breaking my heart to do so.

Our home was in a little town on the Arkansas river, called Pittsburg, about nine miles from Clarksville. The Federal officer in command of Clarksville at the time was Col. Waugh. One Federal officer called and said to me : “If my wife or mother had been treated as yours, I would live only to kill Federals and when I came to die, I would regret that I could not live longer to kill more.”
The following are the main particulars :

 On the night of the 20th of February, 1864, five or six Federal soldiers came and demanded money of mother, saying, “I know you have it, every one knows that your husband has plenty of money.” When she refused to give them money, they stripped the right foot and leg and thrust it into a bed of red hot coals lying in a large open fireplace. When they took it out they  asked her if she would tell them where the money was, and when she said no, they put it back and told her they would burn her to death if she did not tell. The flesh was cooked until it fell off from the knee to the toe.

 They then brought in my widowed aunt, Mrs. John W. Willis, who was living with my mother. They had been keeping her outside on the lawn, and had previously told her that my mother had sent her word to tell them where the money was, as they were burning her to death. She said she did not believe them and refused. They then took my mother from the fire and put my aunt in, and burned her in the same way, but not quite so severely. 

At last when they found they were of the material from which heroines are made and Spartan mothers reared, they released them and going to the servants quarters, they locked them in and told them if they came out before sun up, their heads would be shot off. My poor mother in some way found the linseed oil and together she and my aunt dressed their burns. 

When mother and aunt learned that the house was on fire, they in some mysterious way with those terribly burned limbs, crawled to the wood pile, where they lay and watched the destruction of a fine old Southern home (the home where brother John and I were reared). When the building was falling into ashes some Federal officers came with ambulances to fill them with furnishings from this house. When they saw the sad plight of my loved ones, they were compelled to take them to Clarksville, where they could receive medical attention. 

A week after this terrible affair Capt. Abbot, commanding a U. S. transport, (but a Southern sympathizer), came down from Clarksville and sent me word, saying, that he had not the courage to bring the message in person.

Capt. Abbot held the transport until I could get ready to return with him. I left my four fatherless children, (baby being quite ill), with my dear friend, Mrs. Adams, widow of ex-Governor Adams was afterwards with me in Little Rock, having been turned out of her home by Federal officers. It took the transport three days to reach Spadra Bluff, the nearest point by river to Clarksville.

I was told here that mother was dying and that her limb had been amputated, all of which was almost unbearable for me, and the suffering so changed me that some of my loved ones did not recognize me. I must pass over the meeting with my mother ; I can not even at this late day write of it.

 I staid until my mother could be moved to Spadra Bluff by ambulance, and by transport to my home in Little Rock. The news soon spread that we had arrived. The first to reach the boat was our old friend, Dr. E. L. Dodge. He dropped on his knees beside mother’s bed and wept aloud. Mother did not die just at this time, but lingered two years. Poor, dear mother, how she suffered!

“I forgive them for the pain and poverty they have caused me,” were her words. They destroyed what they could not carry away, shooting large numbers of cattle, hogs, etc.

Maj. Newsome (a Federal), told me at Spadra, that when mother’s house was on fire, he counted fourteen others burning at the same time, and he knew that orders for the fires had been sent out from headquarters.”



Compiled and published by Arkansas UCV


Public and Private Positions

Everyone remembers the insane statement by Hillary Clinton, that all good politicians have a public, and a private position. She claimed that they can be totally opposite of each other, citing the tyrant Abraham Lincoln as an example. 

Now – I won’t go off on an anti-Lincoln tirade, since it goes without saying that he is a worthless dictator.. 

However I will give you a simple contrast. A quote, from one of those racist Confederates (if you don’t catch the sarcasm in that statement, then you have the mental capacity of an amoeba).

“Private and public life are subject to the same rules– truth and manliness are two qualities that will carry you through this world much better than policy or tact or expediency or other words that were devised to conceal a deviation from a straight line.” Robert E. Lee

So.. basically, from the wise Grey Fox, revered by the North (until the Cultural Marxists took over) and South, having conflicting positions, and using political double speak – is lying.

But what would he know? He’s just an evil, nasty person… Remember?

General Robert E. Lee “The Grey Fox”

Happy Thanksgiving – A Confederate Tradition

Despite the propaganda of Federal Schools… Thanksgiving was started 2 years before Lincoln proclaimed the holiday.. Most likely due to pressure from within the Yankee North. 

Here is the ORIGINAL Thanksgiving proclamation.. From The Last Presidency of a free North American Nation.

Happy Thanksgiving to those Celebrating this day.. May God Bless you and your family.

First National Flag of our Confederacy

Proclamation of Thanksgiving, 1861

by President Jefferson Davis

WHEREAS, it hath pleased Almighty God, the Sovereign Disposer of events, to protect and defend us hitherto in our conflicts with our enemies as to be unto them a shield.

And whereas, with grateful thanks we recognize His hand and acknowledge that not unto us, but unto Him, belongeth the victory, and in humble dependence upon His almighty strength, and trusting in the justness of our purpose, we appeal to Him that He may set at naught the efforts of our enemies, and humble them to confusion and shame.

Now therefore, I, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, in view of impending conflict, do hereby set apart Friday, the 15th day of November, as a day of national humiliation and prayer, and do hereby invite the reverend clergy and the people of these Confederate States to repair on that day to their homes and usual places of public worship, and to implore blessing of Almighty God upon our people, that he may give us victory over our enemies, preserve our homes and altars from pollution, and secure to us the restoration of peace and prosperity.

Given under hand and seal of the Confederate States at Richmond, this the 31st day of October, year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty one.

By the President, 

Open Letter To Hollywood, and Other Celebrity Elites

I know – I am just a little person… A nobody as it is painfully obvious. I do not have 4 houses, 25 cars – millions of dollars in the bank, people hanging on my every word or fashion statement. Pictures taken of me don’t get ‘leaked’ to TMZ, or any other media outlet for that matter… So why would you listen to me?

I am the guy who pays to see your movies, TV shows and concerts. I am the guy that buys your albums, posters, magazines and art. I am the regular American John Q. Public.. (Or Johnny Reb as it seems here) Without my $12.95 – You would be just like me.

I work every day – I don’t make a ton.. I read my Bible, go to Church when I can, love My God, my family, and my fellow man… But – it would seem that you have to teach me a lesson… I must vote – as you say to vote, and this is for Hillary Clinton. I am supposedly uneducated – and uninformed.. So let me lay this out and you, my celebrity reader, (if any read this of course) please correct me.

Hillary Clinton, wishes to tax the rich, businesses, and the rest – to provide for the “poor”. Democratic socialism is what you are all championing – however hasn’t this led to the destruction of Venezuela?

You say that I must support Hillary Clinton because of racism – or social justice.. Yet the actions that are promoted by Clinton are making things more racially divided than they have been since the 1960’s..

I am told that I cannot vote for Donald Trump , because he happened to say things of a sexual nature regarding the female anatomy… Yet not even looking at Hillary Clinton laughing regarding a pedophile getting off the hook through her own cheating, NOR even Bill Clinton’s many assault accusations, you produce movies, music, and other forms of ‘art’ that objectify women, glorify violence, and pervert family values at breakneck speed..

So – here I sit.. The celebrities, and other elites wont be effected by any socialist policies – they have more than enough money to play the system, move to another country, and avoid the problem.. They get paid millions to use language that is spewed in front of my children far worse than what Trump has said, (not to mention the glorification of almost pornographic style in fashion, sexualized dancing, and unmarried gratuitous sex…) and I must obey.

I know your publicists tell you to take these stands.. Allowing men in the same restrooms as my daughter, promoting the disgusting ‘gay pride’ parades filled with male nudity (or partial nudity) and even want to teach my children that they can choose their gender..

But Trump said a dirty word…

What is it…? Do you not want the people – you know, us deplorable, mindless, irredeemable drones – to have any say in our own future? You do not have to put your kids into public school, where they are turned into mindless leftist drones – (and if not they are bullied, beaten and scorned) you do not have to wait in line at a doctor due to the mass of people on Medicaid or other government funded welfare programs.. If taxes go up on everything, you have millions of dollars in the bank – when will you notice?

I imagine anyone who reads this will think I am just a moron – a hater – a nativist… Someone who hates anyone that is different than I am – full of ‘white privilege’..

Yet – in this system, my rights are supposed to be equal to yours.. My voice as loud – and my freedom protected.

But it isn’t… The mass media, the federal government, and the elites are all but drowning us out.. From Twitter, to Google, to Facebook – all the way to CNN, NBC, ABC, and even on Fox – we the people aren’t important.. The academics, the elites, and the big names are..

What will you do when the rest of us are gone? When we can no longer work in an economy that is collapsing and violence in the streets? Can’t buy your entertainment at that point – so what pays your bills then?

Will you finally see what it means to be a human – not a ‘star’? Will you realize then, that these uneducated hobbits with $5 to their name actually had it right?

Or will you evacuate the totalitarian commune you brainwashed the masses into voting for – leaving us to die in the police state that socialism brings?

I fear it would be the latter.

The biggest difference between Socialism, and Capitalism.
The biggest difference between Socialism, and Capitalism.

Turkish Chaos

A Turkish military stands guard near the Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey. REUTERS/Murad Sezer
A Turkish military stands guard near the Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Does This Effect Anything?

Turkey is a Islamic state – so obviously it does have an effect.. Sultan Obama of course came out against the coup – (Which along with Clinton doing the same) which would tell me that this would be a bad thing. The President of the country is an autocrat – an essential dictator.. It is almost a situation in which we find ourselves.. Except our military will never do such a thing.. (Even though they take an oath to defend the Constitution – even against the domestic threats like Hussein and Clinton)

This just shows that as usual – the savages are again killing each other. They are keen to do this as usual – however along the sights of civilized humans being mowed down by Islamic animals in France – it is simply the same old, same old.

It is a shame that we can look at these savage cultures and see exactly what is being imported here by the millions.. No attempt to make them assimilate to OUR culture – simply we bring them here along with their baggage. What happens when enough of them infiltrate our military? Remember Ft. Hood? Can you imagine Islamic scum-bags terrorizing main street USA with a M1A1?

You may protest – saying that this could never happen here..

Well, no one thought in a million years that Islamic barbarians would behead people in America – yet that happened in Moore Oklahoma.. No one thought that Muslim Savages would shoot up a nightclub in Orlando, or slaughter people in the streets in San Bernadino .. this is no longer a far off problem in Crapistan or Dumpistan… It is now being imported, by progressive cultural Marxists (Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama, and their ILK) and they are loving every minute of it. They will latch on to the BlackLivesMatter movement, and things will be nasty..

I do find it amusing however, that Obama and his regime are readily available when BLM morons are rioting in our streets, when Islamic savages need someone to coddle them, and our allies need slapping.. But if it involves saving Americans – they are no where to be found..

Things are only about to get worse… I would not be surprised if the Islamic savages, BLM animals, and assorted liberal progressive Marxists cause enough trouble to derail the elections.. If it does? OR if Hillary gets in?

We must stand up to this tyranny – we will have no other choice.



Deo Vindice – The South Was Right